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Bluetooth Low Energy board ready for prototyping, learning or for creating your own gadget

Kipp - Best Bluetooth board - BLE112 BLuetooth Low Energy, Accelerometer, USB, Infrared


  • Bluetooth SoC BLE112, low power
  • 8051 core MCU, 32 MHz
  • FCC, CE, IC certified module
  • embedded chip antenna
  • 3D MEMS accelerometer
  • 3 x push-buttons
  • infrared (sunlight) sensor
  • infrared LED emitter
  • buzzer
  • rechargeable battery with NTC control
  • 1 x LED
  • USB connection with ESD protection
  • on-board debug connector
  • easy script programming
  • small size 45x30 mm
  • ready for mounting

    Designed for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, engineers & hackers, students or teachers, the Kipp board allows you to easily program it, learn about the exciting Bluetooth Low Energy technology, prototype new applications and connect it with other IoT devices like Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Kipp Board Parts - BLE112 BLuetooth Low Energy, Accelerometer, USB, Infrared

    Kipp can be quickly programmed using an easy scripting language (BGScript from SiLabs). We created a demo application for the board and Android phones which helps to get started with programming Kipp in almost no time. The debug connector on the board allows you to upload a new firmware as well as to run and test your application code.

Kipp - Best Bluetooth board - programming with CC Debugger

    Android demo application for Kipp.