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REFAZ - gestiunea parcului auto
  • gestiunea consumului de combustibil si ulei pentru autovehicule
  • calcul automat foi parcurs
  • calcul FAZ, evidenta consum combustibil

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  Based on the financial and activity reports of the Romanian companies registered at the Ministry of Finances, the independent public auditing company Borg Srl creates different kind of performance reports, namely TOPs . The companies are awarded with specific Diploma classified at the country or county level as well as for the activity domain.

We are proud that our company is constantly present in these TOPs created during the years. Having motivation for the best products and services provided to our customers, we are commited to continue improve our work results and performace.


My Wallet
New release
  Allows you to store almost any kind of information into an internal personal database.  more>>

Car Pack
  Designed for use when you drive your car. Options like Auto-answer/reject, Activate Loudspeaker, Anykey-answer, Mute ringing tone, Backlight active and more. All for easy use of the phone in the car.    more>>
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