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REFAZ - gestiunea parcului auto
  • gestiunea consumului de combustibil si ulei pentru autovehicule
  • calcul automat foi parcurs
  • calcul FAZ, evidenta consum combustibil

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My Assistant  (Symbian)    Version: 1.02
My Assistant offers you a set of automated services which extend your phone capabilities and allows you a quick access when you need them. The available services are: voice calls recording, auto keypad locker, voice notes recording (Dictaphone) and daily clock alarm.
My Assistant has an autostart option and it is able to run in background to keep the services active without your intervention. Also, you can use hotkeys to quickly start recording or to activate the application when you wish this. It is simple to use and does not require many internal resources of your phone in order to be able to work.

These services have the main functionalities as described below:

Auto KeyLock service

After the specified time, the service will automatically lock the keypad of the phone. This helps you to protect the phone against accidentally keys pressing which could initiate phone calls or network access. You can unlock the keypad as normally.

Clock Alarm service

Currently, many S60 phones have the built-in clock which requires you to set the alarm hour every time you need this (e.g. for the wake-up hour, and you can forget this). This service allows you to set an alarm for a specified hour. If the service is enabled, the alarm will ring every day at the hour you set without your intervention. You do not have to set it again. You can consider this service as a second clock alarm beside of the built-in clock.

Recorder service

This service contains two sub-services: voice calls recording and voice notes recording (Dictaphone mode). If you wish to record your call conversations you can set this service to automatically start recording or to ask you if to record the conversation before to make or answer a call. If you are not in a voice call, you can also start the voice recording service to record your voice notes (using the application as a Dictaphone) or to take an interview for example. This can be done easily by pressing for a short time a hotkey which will start recording. The recording process is done using internal capabilities. While the recording is in progress a red blinking icon is shown in the upper-right corner of the display and you can continue to use the phone as normally. You can record up to 300 minutes (6 hours). You can also use the built-in recorder to play the recorded files.

Supported phones: Nokia S602nd: N70, N72, N90, 6630,6260,6680,6681,6600

Please, see the user guide for more information.

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