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REFAZ - gestiunea parcului auto
  • gestiunea consumului de combustibil si ulei pentru autovehicule
  • calcul automat foi parcurs
  • calcul FAZ, evidenta consum combustibil

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Stopwatch Plus  (Symbian)    Version: 1.02
Stopwatch Plus is a time measuring tool which you can use for sport activities or to measure the elapsed time for any task you need to trace. You can also use it as a periodically reminder tool.
Stopwatch Plus contains a Counter-up, a Counter-down and a Reminder available as options in the main menu.

Key features:

For Counter-up:

- centiseconds precision (1/100 second)
- counts up to 99 hours - 999 memories slots for time stamps (laps)
- allows Start/Store/Reset/Stop actions for counter.
- able to run in background. The counting keeps running even the Stopwatch Plus is running in background.

For Counter-down and Reminder:

- able to count-down a period up to 24 hours with seconds precision.
- when the time elapses, it is able to notify you via sound and/or vibration.
- you can select your custom sound file for notification
- vibra and sound can be set on/off.
- backlight can be turned always on; the lights of the main screen will not be turned off during counting; this allows you to see the screen better.
- Start/Stop/Reset/Continue options.
- after each elapsed period, the reminder automatically restarts; it keeps running and notifying you each time the time elapses.
- the keypad is also unlocked
- sound volume for notifications can be set from low to high percentage.
- you can use your own alert text. When the time elapses for Counter-down or Reminder, the text is blinking on screen (eg. time elapsed) while the vibra and/or sound are activated.
- the settings are saved and restored to/from the phone memory.
- the counting keeps running even the software is running in background. Please, see the user guide for more information.

Please, see the user guide for more information.

Supported phones: All Symbian Nokia S60 3rd and S60 5th edition phones including touch screen support. Please, see http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/ for the list of phones.

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